Alexandra Stan – Bitter Sweet

Versuri Alexandra Stan – Bitter Sweet.

Artist : Alexandra Stan.
Versuri – Lyrics : Bitter Sweet.
An lansare : 2011.

I am like a bittersweet pie,
Filled with love and also denial.
When you’re not around, everything goes down,
Everything goes wrong with me!
When you’re not around, everything goes down,
Why in hell you cannot see? Citeste tot

Alexandra Stan – Ting Ting

Versuri Alexandra Stan – Ting Ting.

Artist : Alexandra Stan.
Versuri – Lyrics : Ting Ting.
An lansare : 2011.

Eyes, a lips

Tu et moi faire
Tu sais… Ting Ting!
A Ting Ting!
Ting Ting!

Eyes starring a lips
Touching hips moving

Tu et moi faire
Tu sais, Ting Ting!
Ting Ting!
Ting Ting! Citeste tot

Alexandra Stan – One Million (1.000.000)

Versuri Alexandra Stan – One Million (1.000.000) feat. Carlprit lyrics.

Artist : Alexandra Stan, Carlprit.
Versuri – lyrics : One million 1.000.000
An lansare : 2011

Yea yea
Number one Alexandra stan
That’s right
yea..take it
Hey hey you’re one in a million
and my heart feeling love you’re so briliant
Girl i’ve missed your love and your feelings hun
I never knew that you are my special one
Since you left me i was the lonely one
Looking for that girl one in a million
To dance with you the night while we shouldn’t hun
So i guess i’ve finally found my million Citeste tot

George Acosta Feat. Emma Lock – Falling Deep

Versuri George Acosta Feat. Emma Lock – Falling Deep.

Artist : George Acosta, Emma Lock.
Versuri – Lyrics : Falling Deep.

Cupid shot an arrow
Like a bolt out of the blue
Lead me blind folded
Awoke this spirit I once knew

Sunlight flickers
Memories laying
Door met in my mind
Baby, if you never look
Then baby you’ll never find Citeste tot

Adda Feat PachaMan – Loverboy

Versuri Adda Feat PachaMan – Loverboy.

Artist : Adda, PachaMan.
Versuri – Lyrics : Loverboy.
Minti Murdare 2011

Pacha Man:
Lover boy, boy, boy
Mister Moga, number one producer
Miss Adda and Adi Eria and the Pacha man

Uita de tot, uita de tot
Uita de lume, de sentimente
De suflete pereche, de soapte la ureche
Fi rece, nu’l lasa pe el sa te intunece Citeste tot

Arando Marquez Feat. Cristina – Shambala

Versuri Arando Marquez Feat. Cristina – Shambala.

Artist : Arando Marquez, Cristina.
Versuri – Lyrics : Shambala.

I got you boy!
Come on closer you!

You like my baby bag
You’re looking dirty shy
I’ll buy a drink tequila
Got me a little
He says he wants me want me
I’m moving on it on it! Citeste tot

Adrian Sina – Angel

Versuri Adrian Sina feat. Sandra N – Angel.

Artist : Adrian Sina, Sandra N.
Versuri – Lyrics : Angel.

Adrian Sina :
Chasing memories and fears
Running in this rain of tears
My wings are black and heavy
They try so hard to reach you
My world is empty
Can’t take it one more try. Citeste tot

Adrian Pintea – Un cer pentru doi [recitativ]

Versuri Adrian Pintea – Un cer pentru doi [recitativ].

Artist : Adrian Pintea, Iris.
Versuri – Lyrics : Un cer pentru doi.

De-as afla ca te-am pierdut,
Marea am sa o ascult,
Sa îmi spuna ce-am gresit
Sa îmi spuna de-am gresit, cândva… Citeste tot

Antonia – Marionette

Versuri Antonia – Marionette.

Artist : Antonia.
Versuri – Lyrics : Marionette.
Single Antonia – Marionette 2011.

She says Hey! Wait
Listen now to what I’ve got to say
I don’t think I want it this way
We become some more Excuse and love that’s come undone
And how do we get so numb
I wanna be in your control
So unmerciful You can twist me and turn just don’t let me go Citeste tot