Jay Sean – YMCMB Heroes

Versuri Jay Sean – YMCMB Heroes.

Artist : Jay Sean, Tyga, Busta Rhymes, Cory Gunz.
Versuri – Lyrics : YMCMB Heroes.

Ah.. ah.. life, life, I’m living my life, life
Got a bitch with an ass so nice,
Night time taking off your tights
Have a G night, night, getting head on a flight flight
20 hour flight, I ain’t never been a hater motherfucker I ain’t got no time
Young money like the lakers in their prime (prime prime prime)
Make money off a mother fucking rhyme (rhyme rhyme rhyme)
T-Raw in the bitch like, with a bad bitch trying to get a ring in a prom (prom prom prom)
My swaggers is nice, word is bond she might not know my name, but she know my song
‘Really Raw’ Tyga dog, tiger blood I eat your heart out (out out out)
Lick my paws, Hannibal Lecter I’m so involved
Follow along, Jay Sean pass the patron,
We shining hard up in this motherfucker Citeste tot

Jay Sean – Sex 101

Versuri Jay Sean – Sex 101 [feat Tyga].

Artist : Jay Sean, Tyga.
Versuri : Sex 101.

Sex 101, sex 101, s-sex 101
Sex 101, sex 101, s-sex 101, sex 101

Girl you can have,
1 and 2 and 3 and 4
Bottles or more
Ain’t no feelings
You can stay longer
Whatever you wanna
Baby break it down like this
You gotta body that I cant resist
And there’s so many things that I wanna see
Just a few things that I wanna see
Yeah, yeah Citeste tot