Angie Martinez – Breathe

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Versuri Angie Martinez – Breathe lyrics.

Sometimes you gotta, catch yo’ breath and,
all the time you gotta watch yo’ step and,
catch me all on yo’ neck, stressin’ ‘bout „What you doin’ next?”
And I ain’t got much left; tolerance wit’ the hoop-la
La jodienda no se para nunca, yeah
They give it to you but I,
keep it movin’ while I’m runnin’ wit’ the rap race
But I need a little damn space, to breathe
I gotta just do me; why I always gotta be sexy huh?
Would you mind when you spill it like me?
In a pair of Air Max sweat pants hoodie huh?
Would ya, get off my back, c’mon, let a nigga relax
Cause I’m, all woman now, hear me roar
Right now I’m ‘bout to hit the door,
so I can parle’, it’s my day, ‘bout to pick up my girls at the highway
Gotta get away, gotta do it now, gotta walk into the sun, ah ah ah

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