Ani Lorak – The Sun [english]

Versuri Ani Lorak – The Sun [english] lyrics.

Who is going to come and wind the clock
Like put Sun of our days on the balance
Days until the separation
How we live – did not cherish every bright hour.
Me and you forgot everything, [about] what’s above us –
There in the universe

I know, the heart might break because of love,
It is like parting with my soul – living without you …
You are my pain, my love
I will give you everything, my love, all of me
Oceans spill over because of love
And above you I will become the sun, for you!

In the dark morning, on a cold day I will quietly go
I will reflect troubles with my rays
My heartfelt friend
Believe me, I will not be the sun for others
On your shoulder I will leave my hand’s light
The light of the whole universe

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