Anna Vissi – No more the fool

Versuri Anna Vissi – No more the fool lyrics.

Just why i stayed around
when all I found was a heartache
I belived your every word
didn’t know the hurt
and pain taht you’d make
but why did it take so long
at last now I’ve seen the light
I found the hear to say

No more the fool who
went around waiting
For you to bring me donw
those day are gone now
No mare the nights lying awake crying
and I waiting for the day to break
no more the sound as my dreams
fall and hit the ground while
I wait around no more the fool

you though I’d break then you were wrong
that I won’t see what’s going on but i knew here I am I’m alive and you
will see i’ll survive without you
and I won’t be the one
who comes runing
it ain’t like it used to be
here’s your turn to run to me

No more the fool……..

All the nights I
waited for you to call
I waited for a sign
that you would stay
but it’s so clear
you didn’t care at all

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