Arsenium – My love

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Versuri Arsenium – My love lyrics.

Every time I hold you near.
You say words I love to hear
Babe, you take my breath away,
Love you more and more each day.
Baby you will never find
In this world the love like mine.
Babe I feel so warm inside
When I have you by my side.

My la-la-love
Tonight at night
I hold you in my arms,
The sky will bring sunshine.

Without your touch
Without your smile
My heart is emty
You can see it in my eyes.

Babe, you knock me off my feet
When you kiss me on the lips.
Babe, let’s fly away with me
To the world of extasy.
Baby, feel my pain is real.
Stay with me, I want you near
Baby, when you kiss and touch
To my heart it feel so much.

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