Atomic Kitten – Maybe i’m right

Versuri Atomic Kitten – Maybe i’m right lyrics.

Baby, baby oh yeah

The moon covers the sun
for longer than one night
I spill my water and it slowly falls upright
I look out my window and see the ground’s
Over my head
or maybe I’ll just wait until you tell me instead

Maybe I’m right, maybe I’m a wrong
could this be something good
Maybe I’m weak, maybe I’m strong
Or am I misunderstood
Maybe its time to open my heart so
My heads not upside down
If you could give me that something
You’d turn my life around

I see a mother crying as her baby
Calms her down
Birds are flying below as i’m walking
through the clouds
I go where its raining and
I’m freezing in the sun
But inside I’m smiling ’cause
I know you’re the one

Repeat chorus

The show must go on even if
My heart stands still
And the road could be long
cause I dont no how you feel

Repeat chours x2

You’d turned my life around
You’ve seen me upside down
You’ve opened up my heart
I knew it from the start

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