Backstreet Boys – Where can we go from here

Versuri Backstreet Boys – Where can we go from here lyrics.

I try to pic the pieces up
I cant think of starting over
we used to share the stars above
I don wanna think of change
and now I gotta move on
I?ve gotta catch up to the world
even though i gave you my life
As wrong, as its sems, I know its right
but is there a place that I can go away
to scape the love that I will for ever know


were can we go from here
all I know is that I love you still
sometimes we do things against our will
I know I cry lonely tears
where can we go from here

Why, why do I cry inside
when love has gone again
and how, how can I carry on
when I know all the love is gone
where can I go to get away
from the pain of loving you

Tell me where

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