Blue – Made for loving you

Versuri Blue – Made for loving you lyrics.

My girl…
Some things are met to be
They told you once
I told you twoce
That boy that you win
It’s not right
I see the tirs you try to hide
That boy you with it’s away of line
I’ll be there through all the sun and rain
I’ll be there to easy you pain
Gott to learn how to apreciat the chance
If i give you my world
Will you be my girl
What it will take
I waith for evere
Some things are met to be
You & me..
And if you take
A pice of my heart
I touch ov you soul
Look were we gott’
We fixed toghether
I know this much is truth
I was made for loving you
Just ask you friends
That boy you with is playing around
I’m here becouse confront your dout’s
That boy you with for me is down
I’ll be there wen times will change
I’ll be there.i’ll be the same
To you apreciat the chance
You make it
You take it
It’s clear to me
Theres something betrean us mesteaking
My heart is changing
I’m beaging you ..please

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