Bon Jovi – Good Guys Don’t Always Wear White

Versuri Bon Jovi – Good Guys Don’t Always Wear White lyrics.

You say you dont like my kind
A better picture in your mind
No it dont matter what I say
I hear ya bitchin when I walk away
Ill never be what ya want me ta be
You tell me Im wrong but I disagree
I aint got no apology

Just because I dont looklike you, talk like you, think like you.
Judge and jury, a hangmans nuice;
I see them in your eyes…


Good guys dont always wear white
Good guys dont always wear white

You judge a man who dont stand in line
Just because he aint on your side
You know the man who wears those shoes
If you cut me dont I bleed like you?
Ya know I do

I dont know whatcha been told
Cant buy guts with a pot o gold
A rich mans poor if he got no soul

Rich man, poor man, begger man can
All that shit dont mean a thing
Do you know which ones behind those eyes?
Its always a disguise…


Hey baby…what side you on?
You think you got it all fired out,
Where we belong
Forget all about your dark dressed knight
Day from night,
Wrong from right…


Dont always wear (repeated)
Dont always wear… white

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