Bow Wow – Get It In

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Versuri Bow Wow – Get It In lyrics.

Uh Huh It Recess Time You Know What That Mean
I Ain’t Talkin Bout School Time I Talkin Bout
Play Time Man I Talkin Bout Big Boy Playin Ya
Heard A Jinsu Lift Up The Garage Lil Homie It
Time To Ride Out Man We Fittin To Show These Niggas
How To Floss Ya Heard And I’m Thirst Up Let’s Go

[Verse 1: Bow Wow]
These Saydies Is Still On Me Hard Times Tryn To Get
‘Em Off Me Chicks Runnin Wild Since Kalis Man Bossy
I’m Still Flossy Wrist And Chain Say Mr.
Frosty Lambo Ridin Low No Need To Ask What It Cost Me
I’m Big Boss Gloss On The Cross Porshe Navigation
Never Lost On The Cost Xtra Horse In The Sports
Addition Man Dealin Floor Condittion Man Boyz Dis
Cause I Can Really Guess What His Girl Is Wishin Four
Plus Four More For Sure Flyin Spur Four Door Lease
A Hundred G’s Per Tour Comcast I’m Direct To Your Tv
My Diminsion Is 3d You Gotta Look In The Upwards
Direction To See Me I’m Rated Are You Pg Pga On The
Lawn I Do More Than Move Cd’s You Best Eat You Wheaties
And If You Jealous You Can Cd’s

Home Boy This Is What I Do And Where I Be And How I Play
But Ya’ll Can’t See I Get It In Get It In Get It In An
Then I Cash Out Let’s Spin [x2]

[Verse 2: Young Jinsu]
Yo Bow Let Me Get Some Bling Out The Risdom Jin
With The Slick Tongue I’m Bonud To Make The Chicks
Come My Way Gt On The Highway Lb Dove G4 Time To Fly Away
To The Hide Away To The Hide Away Lan Have A Meeting Bounce
Back We Ain’t Got To Stay Drivin In Pravisa I’m The Hottest
Da Since The Dude On The First Verse Travel With My Own Nurse
Cause I’m The Fever Boy And Kick Game Like Fifa The Garage
Is The Last Time I Seen A Toy The Scenary Is Different You
Seein Me In Something With The Roof Missin On Our Way To Go
Fishin, Fishin For Tham Dollars No Tie Around The Collar Get
Exact Money Not Check The Check Money I Mean That Gwacamole
Check The Check Money You Never Seen These Kicks Neither Check
The Check Money

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3: Yo Jinsu]
What It’s Lookin Like It’s Lookin Like A Good Look
We On The Front Cover Then It’s Lookin Like A Good Book
You In The Hood All Day On The Grind I Know You Bout Your Bread
All Day On My Mind I’m More Shine I Ain’t Even In My Pre-Prime
Young Phenom I’m In The Both When It’s Beat Time It’s Money
To Be Made Yeah I Know I Gotta See Mine Bow Pass The Torch Jinsu
He Gonna Be Fine We Getting Paper Like The Money On Rewind Lobsters
We Eat Like Mobsters When We Dine See I’m Bout Mine Yeah Me Too Lb
Dove That’s The Game Only We Do I Told Ya’ll Man We No I Really Told
Ya’ll Man We Spendin Money Like It Grow On Trees I Mean Cause It Do
Ya Heard A Jinsu I Talkin Bout Man Lb Dove Gang We Gonna Start Printin
Out Our Own Money I’m a Be On 1 Bill You Gonna Be On The Other Bill
Ya Heard Yeh This Big Bow Wow Man Ya’ll Listenin To Little Bow Wow,
That Me, He Next LB Dove Gang

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