Bow Wow – I’m Going Crazy

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Versuri Bow Wow – I’m Going Crazy lyrics.

Money got to me, look at what it made me
Me and JD on good terms as of latley
Got video hoes on the net tryna play me, said I married supahead shit yall must be crazy
These blogsites tryna get me caught up with my lady
Fell out with my bestfriend hommie got shady
Caught up in all kind of lies sick of all these rumors tryna please my damn fans but yall just wont let me do it
Talkin bout I robed young berg, got him for his chain knowin good damn well I wouldn’t do such a thing
Homie got the top five record I aint hating do ur thang, cuz when u doing good niggas always gonna hate
So much bullshit come witht his perfession
Why you worried bout me worry bout this damn recession
Ima keep gettin money stuntin, stuntin on you niggas
Everytime I spit a verse my account get bigger
Goin crazy, I’m goin crazy, man I’m lossing I’m lossing my mind, I’m goin crazy I’m goin crazy sombody help for I run outta time, I’m going crazy, I’m goin crazy, man I’m lossing, I’m lossing my mind JD I’m going crazy I’m going crazy sombody help for I run outta time
[Verse 2]
Said I rap like tip then I sound like wayne
Half of them in the street done swagga jacked t-pain
So go on with that writer shit, yea man I write my shit, nick nack patty wack my bone yea hop off of it
Stop asking me about my ex man I’m over it, she still talk to my mama they hang out but that’s they buisness
Always rep Coulumbus but my money in the south[bow never in the city man]see that’s what I’m talkin bout
Keep my name up out your mouth I’m tryna do me
On December 8th yo I’m tryna sell like C3
Tryna do rematch game tell me wat u think, 100k the first time shit lets seb it up to 3
Did a ring tone song I don’t care bout wat u thik
Dr. dre head phones on I can’t hear them haters think
Still so so deff lbdub up in here
Yea yea this my year

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