Bow Wow – My Baby

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Versuri Bow Wow – My Baby lyrics.

It was the summer of 2001/
All before the drama begun/
When we first met/
I seen you sitting out on your steps/
You was broke down crying a mess/
So i interferred/
I asked what’s the reason for tears/
I was wishing you could tell me your fears/
But i had to start with ya name/
Ya told me how ya man playin games/
So i said that it was time for a change/ And you just laughed/
But it looked like you aint laughed in a while/
I was glad i could give you a smile/
Then we both blushed/
But really girl it aint no rush/
I was thinkin that maybe we could discuss/
A future for us/
Cause homeboy just got you crushed/
You nedd to leave that clown in the dust/
I just wanna talk/
Im thinkin i can give you a call/
And we can pick it up/
Where we left off/
Ill holla tomorrow/

Girl i understand your loyal to ya man/
And that’s alright aww baby/
But that don’t change the fact/
That you fight and you stay cryin every night/
Oh baby/
Girl you gota let him know/
You can’t live like this no more/
Aww baby/
Cant you see/
Together you and me could be so special baby

Our feelings get greater/
A million days later/
Talkin all night we stay up but/
Here comes ya ex/
Returned with that drama and stress/
All the nonsense that you just left but yet/
You accept and go back to try it again/
Then return with a broken heart/
That i gotta mend/
That’s unfair/
Ive only been your lover and friend/
And homey there he just front and pretend/
But you don’t care the life he leads/
Is unsafe/
I would never place my hand to your face/
But still i chase/
Cat and mouse/
First you kick him out/
Then you at his house/
What is that about/
I can’t figure you out/
Even your friend said i was better/
But you listen to them/
Never like uh-huh whatever/
So the next time he hurt you again/
You already know where you should have been/
And that’s with me/

Repeat Chorus

All the times/
You 2way tellin me/
That you miss me/
Wantin me to come over and keep you busy/
Remember that/
Now that you gone/
Its been kinda hard/
Cant sleep, can’t think/
Cant do nothing at all/
Just tell me why you had to go back/
See you aint have to go through that(u aint have to go through that)/
My baby/
You could have been right here by my side/
Me and you at the park taking walks outside/
Instead, i keep on having these dreams/
Waiting for my phone to ring/
My baby/
Wishing that it would be you/
But i know that that wont come true/
My baby

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