3 Sud Est – Dansam in ploaie

Versuri 3 Sud Est – Dansam in ploaie. Artist : 3 Sud Est. Versuri – Lyrics : Dansam in ploaie. An aparitie : 2018. Nu ne completam ca yin si yang Nu ne potriveam nici in zodiac Mai simplu spus asa a fost sa fie. Vinovata ca purtai nevinovat Jeans alb scurt si tricou mulat, … Continuă să citești 3 Sud Est – Dansam in ploaie

10 Years – Picture Perfect (In Your Eyes)

Versuri 10 Years – Picture Perfect (In Your Eyes) lyrics.

In your eye’s is the picture perfect.
In your eye’s does the grass look greener.
Have you seen it though my eye’s.

The world has caught on fire from what I have done.
These city lights are killing ever slowly.
The sanity with in me.
Maybe I lost in my creation.
This isn’t how I thought I’d turn out. Citeste tot

10 Years – Beautiful

Versuri 10 Years – Beautiful lyrics.

Beauty over wisdom to fit in with the styles
Your Cinderella stories, for a price
Vanity’s a business built to please the unique
Silicon and stars collide; the rest will fall in line

Just as beautiful as you are
Its so pitiful what you are
You should have seen this coming all along Citeste tot

10 Years – All Your Lies

Versuri 10 Years – All Your Lies lyrics.

Pay attention, pay attention, pay attention please.
He who lusts through life for excess in this world.
Dies a lonely man, careless of his soul.
Throwing caution to the wind with foolish ignorance.
You’re full of pride.
Full of pride.
Full of pride.
And in arrogance you can’t accept the nearing end of this short lived life. Citeste tot

10 Years – So Long, Good-Bye

Versuri 10 Years – So Long, Good-Bye lyrics.

Keep changing your mind.
Like clouds in the sky.
Love me when your high.
Leave me when you cry.
I know it all takes time.
Like a river running dry when the suns to bright.

So long this is good-bye.
May we meet again in another life.
Like strangers passing by.
May we see clearly in a different light. Citeste tot

2 Unlimited – Twilight zone

Versuri 2 Unlimited – Twilight zone lyrics.

R: First to the bass in to the jam
Then let the music take command
Back to back to another dimension
Stop the force and pay some attention
Music to party, music to dance
The new follow-up of public demand
Slick as five da la megaphone
Take you down to the Twilight Zone Citeste tot

2 Unlimited – Tribal dance

Versuri 2 Unlimited – Tribal dance lyrics.

Come on. Check it out, ya’ll. (Come on, come on!)
Check it out– the tribal dance!

(Say that again?)

Feel the force
This is your chance
To get control and do the tribal dance
People started dancing a long time ago
The bass was fast, but then again it was slow
Soul, house, rhythm and blues
It doesn’t matter what music you choose
Strike up a dance, this is your chance
To come with me and do the tribal dance! Citeste tot