Keed – Cateaua ta (Lassie) feat. Killa Fonic & NANE (Audio)

Versuri Keed – Cateaua ta (Lassie) feat. Killa Fonic & NANE (Audio). Artist : Keed feat. Killa Fonic & NANE. Versuri – Lyrics : Cateaua ta (Lassie). An aparitie : 2018. Cateaua ta ma latra, nu-i raspund Imi da prea multe mesaje, sentimentul e profund Tine-o in lesa, tine-o in lesa, tine-o in lesa Tine-o … Continuă să citești Keed – Cateaua ta (Lassie) feat. Killa Fonic & NANE (Audio)

Stefania feat. Nicole Cherry – Esentele

Versuri Stefania feat. Nicole Cherry – Esentele.

Artist : Stefania feat. Nicole Cherry.
Versuri – Lyrics : Esentele.
An aparitie : 2018.

Esente, esentele
Esente, esentele

De la o vreme esti atent, ce s-a intamplat cu tine
Este multe prea evident ca ceva te tine
Ieri, cand m-ai vazut la alergat in parc, tu m-ai ignorant
Dar, aseara, in club, anatomia parca s-a schimbat Citeste tot

Nane – Plec

Versuri Nane – Plec.

Artist : Nane.
Versuri – lyrics : Plec.
An lansare : 2012.

Plec imi pare rau ca plec mama, tineretea mea e un puzzle ce se destrama
Plec imi pare rau ca plec tata n’am de gand sa ma mai uit in urma niciodata
Plec imi pare rau ca plec iubito, o sa-mi cladesc viata pe care nu ti-am oferit-o
Plec ca e cel mai usor
Va rog, va implor nu spuneti ca va e dor Citeste tot

Nelu Ploiesteanu – Unii spun daca ai bani

Versuri Nelu Ploiesteanu – Unii spun daca ai bani.

Artist : Nelu Ploiesteanu.
Versuri – Lyrics : Unii spun daca ai bani.

Unii spun daca ai bani mai
Poti sa traiesti mai multi ani
Caci cu banii cumperi o viata
Si minciuna si speranta [?]

Eu va spun ca nu e asa
Viata nu o poti cumpara
Nici cu aur sau palate
Nici cu bani sau diamante Citeste tot

Nickelback – When We Stand Together

Versuri Nickelback – When We Stand Together.

Artist : Nickelback.
Versuri – Lyrics : When we stand together.

One more depending on a prayer
And we all look away
People pretending everywhere
It’s just another day

There’s bullets flying through the air
And they still carry on
We watch it happen over there
And then just turn it off Citeste tot

Nas ft. Rick Ross – It’s A Tower Heist

Versuri Nas ft. Rick Ross – It’s A Tower Heist.

Artist : Nas, Rick Ross.
Versuri – Lyrics : It’s a tower heist.

Born in NYC beastin’, the lord left me no choice
Christian pendants, Islamic thoughts, criminal courts
Father forgive, I wanna die like Godfather did
Standing in lineups and paying lawyers, aint tryna bid
Alliances, surveillance watching ‘em, careful when plotting
My boys were captured on video, farewell to my partners
Ski mask and fake tags, in case the car was spotted
Lavish hotels, central park west, fly apartments
Lets rob it, forensics get a sentence so be the smartest
It’s live, it’s a Saturday night as I load up a cartridge
Let off the fully, got alliby’s, no need to worry
Done right, we don’t see the prosecutors or grand jury
Reputed Mobster style, take the money and run
Count it in warehouse’s, leave town and live a hundred years like crocodile
Straight up NYC, like a Mets fitted
This a tower heist, even Donald Trump could get it Citeste tot

Nicole Scherzinger – Try With Me

Versuri Nicole Scherzinger – Try With Me.

Artist :
Versuri – Lyrics : Try with me.

Now you said, leave your keys on the counter
And you said, call me back at eight
I don’t care , that you left me there for hours
But you said, we had what it takes Citeste tot

Nicole Scherzinger – Right There

Versuri Nicole Scherzinger ft 50 Cent – Right There.

Artist : Nicole Scherzinger, 50 Cent.
Versuri – Lyrics : Right Here.
New single Nicole Scherzinger ft 50 Cent – Right There 2011.

50, Nicole
It’s just another one
Another number one Citeste tot