Danity Kane – One shot

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Versuri Danity Kane – One shot lyrics.

you all in my ear…
i hear you talkin` dirty
you wanna give me your name
but you aint sayin` nothin`
new to me…new to me…
are you sure you can handle me..?
so let me put on my boots
do you think that you can rock it..
turn it up,let it loose
boy can you get with this minor tease
minor tease…
before i bring it to you mentally…?

all i need is one shot
and baby you`ve gone
it`ll have you callin` non-stop
just can`t leave it alone
if i give ya what ya need(ya need…)
do you really think you can handle me..
boy do you thimk you can handle me

oohh..i hope you`re ready
tell me that you`re ready
cause i can`t even fight it no more
cause baby my body is like a potion
when i put this thing in…motion
guaranteed that you`ll be
beggin` for more


now i got what i want
and you thimk you`re ready baby
come on and get it
come on and just get it
and if you got what i need boy
don`t keep me waiting baby
come on and get it
come on and just get it

boy give me all that you got
keep it hot for me…yeah..
keep it comin`..don`t stop
i hope that you`re ready
i hear what you`re sayin`
cause i`m about to bring you
you think you can handle me


one shot!one shot!one shot!

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