Horia Brenciu – It’s you

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Versuri Horia Brenciu – It’s you lyrics.

You can feel my love
Around you
If I need someone
It’s still you
Don’t you ever doubt
I’m feeling, too
What you’re feelin’.
You can feel my love around you
If I need someone it’s still you.
‘cause you always knew
it better that’s what I’m feelin’.
This love that I own
I want you to know
It’s worth more than gold
Comforts my soul
This feeling inside
Is one of a kind
For once in my life
I feel alive
I cherish your love
Like sent from above
I fell for your heart
Right from the start
Forget my mistakes
Use all that it takes
To heal and forgive
And never leave.
I belive
That you’re my only flame
It feels like heaven, baby,
When you say my name
Tell me that
You know me better day by day
That I have lost myself
to you in every way
10 mille jours, j’ai contrat,
je suis ici pour toi
Mon seul prix c’est ton ame,
ma jolie Ramona
Oui t’as ma liberte
Je restes a tes cotes
Baby, calme
Je te quitte pas tu le sais
Moi je te donne
mon amour maintenant
Quoi? Te poses pas
de questions ma belle
Sois, ma cherie reveilles-toi
C’est bien Horia
featuring Kamara!

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