Modà – Sono già solo [I’m already alone] [english]

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Modà – Sono già solo [english] [I’m already alone]

I’m already alone

You don’t like too much light
prefer to do it in the dark, silently
You scratched my skin
and bit my lips
until you hurt me,… well
You didn’t let me know
if for you it’s only sex or love
Then you escaped, got dressed and left me confused
You don’t tell me when you will come back
And you cry, don’t answer, vanish
And after four month you came back
You’re crazy about me as I’m about you

Resist, you don’t make me tired
Keep me in your memory forever
And after the explosion, don’t turn off!
We scratched each other with signs that will not heal
And you’re like cold rain
like a storm of emotions that passes
lightning, thunder, it passes so fast and so I’m already alone

Come back, come back
Yes, you come back
But this time I won’t let you go away
I take you close to me (my chest)
then I kiss you, then I scratch you
then I tell you that I love you and protect you
and then I want you and I take you
Then I understand that you become crazy about me when I
speak silently, without light
Because I know how you like it
and now you tell me, that you love me
and this time, no, this time will not end tomorrow
Stay with me, because I’m crazy about you

Resist, you don’t make me tired…

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