Randi – Anybody

Versuri Randi – Anybody. Artist : Randi. Versuri – Lyrics : Anybody. Anybody seen my baby girl Anybody knows her name, oh no I’ve seen your face one thousand time A thousand times I’ve seen your face I know how beautiful it shines I’ve kissed your lips and hold your hand But this was only … Continuă să citești Randi – Anybody

Danity Kane – Is anybody listening

Versuri Danity Kane – Is anybody listening lyrics.

Waiting to see the light
Been waiting all my life
Show me a way, would you show me a way

I wanna come out of the dark
But taking away is so hard
Show me a way, just show me a way

Show me which way to go
Can’t do this by myself
Oh no
Oh oh no
Don’t know how I should play
The cards that I’ve been dealt
Can’t do this
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