Aqua – Back from mars

Versuri Aqua – Back from mars lyrics.

Hey you, come with me, to a world of billionaires
See me, I’m da bomb, drinking champagne down at Pierre’s

All the people that I’m meeting, are so friendly and perceiving
When they smile
Some are talking ‘bout their feelings, and the stocks that they are dealing
So they cry, don’t wanna say bye Citeste tot

Aqua – Be a man

Versuri Aqua – Be a man lyrics.

The world is quiet,
like there is no one around,
but I feel you beside me.
I know the secrets,
you keep locked away inside,
don’t understand, why you are fighting.

I know, she must be special,
this new girl by your side,
I seek for answers, when I look into your eyes,
And he turns, so i can’t, but I will be strong. Citeste tot

Aqua – Cuba libre

Versuri Aqua – Cuba libre lyrics.

Na – na, na, na, na, na
Her eyes were oceans of freedom, my mind strong like a kingdom
nothing in this world could break our hearts
I close my eyes and believe in, one day we’ll meet when we’re dreaming
that’s the only place where we can hide
Climbing the hills like a lion, we will never give up trying
No one could have forced our love apart Citeste tot