Ataris – You need a hug

Versuri Ataris – You need a hug lyrics.

maybe you should work for „sick of it all”
or get a job with the l.a.p.d.
did someone switch your ritalin with ephedrine?
Just don’t take your fucking problems out on me.

I’d buy you a little fuzzy bunny
I’d put you on my x-mas card list
if you’d promise not to take your job so seriously
and realize you don’t have to be so pissed. Citeste tot

Ataris – The last song i will ever write about a girl

Versuri Ataris – The last song i will ever write about a girl lyrics.

Broken heart again today…
The flowers that I gave to you have withered all away.
Just when I opened up my heart
The one you used to love came and ripped it right apart.

Why do I never seem to learn?
That love is wrong and girls are fucking evil.
I guess I’ll never figure out
What womankind is all about. Citeste tot

Ataris – The hero dies in this one

Versuri Ataris – The hero dies in this one lyrics.

As I leave here today, apartment 108
I’ll always keep you in my heart.
Anderson is cold tonight,
The leaves are scattered on the ground.
I miss the seasons,
And the comfort of your smile.

Sometimes this all feels like a dream.
I’m waiting for someone to just wake me up,
From this life. Citeste tot

Ataris – Take me back

Versuri Ataris – Take me back lyrics.

I am blue, the sky is grey,
I guess it’s better off that way.
There’s really not much left to say.
I called you on the phone,
another guy said that you weren’t at
but, I don’t care I’ll call you again
Baby I’d give you the world…
please forget about those fifteen other
I don’t care what they say…
I didn’t mean to stand you up on our
wedding day.
I’m sorry that I gave you that infection,
and said we had sex on the Love
Can I ever make it up to you?
I’m sorry that I made you mad,
the things I did just didn’t seem that
Except for maybe when I blew up your
Oh baby what can I do???
Every girl I’m with makes me think of
I call your name in my sleep.
Too bad you think that I’m a creep.
Please take me back… Citeste tot

Ataris – Summer wind was always our song

Versuri Ataris – Summer wind was always our song lyrics.

These break-up songs make sense again
And i really wish they didn’t.
Sinatra’s singing summer wind
And i’m thinking of the night we met.

Just one last time
Can i hear you say?
„You’re my little boy
I never want you to go away” Citeste tot