Atmosphere – Yesterday

Versuri Atmosphere – Yesterday lyrics. [V1] I thought I saw you yesterday But I didn’t stop, ’cause you was walkin’ the opposite way I guess I coulda’ shouted out ya name But even if it was you, I don’t know what I would say We could sit and reminisce about the old school Maybe share … Continuă să citești Atmosphere – Yesterday

Atmosphere – Trying to find a balance

Versuri Atmosphere – Trying to find a balance lyrics.

They love the taste of blood
Now I don’t know what that means, but I know that I mean it
Maybe they’re as evil as they seem
Or maybe I only look out the window when it’s scenic
“Atmosphere finally made a good record.”
Yeah right, that shit almost sounds convincing
The last time I felt a sinking contradictive as this
Was the last time we played a show in Cinnci’
“Get real.” they tell me
If only they knew how real this life really gets
They would stop acting like a silly bitch
They would respect the cock whether or not they believed in it
Doesn’t take much and that’s messed up
Because these people do a lot of simple shit to impress us
While everyone was trying to out-do the last man
I was just a ghost trying to catch someone’s[summers?] Pac-man
Hello ma’am, would you be into restin’
In some sexual positions and emotional investments
See, I’m not insane, in fact I’m kind of rational
When I be askin’, “Yo, where did all the passion go?”
East coast, West coast, down South, Midwest
Nowadays everybody knows how to get fresh
Somebody give me a big yes (YES!)
God Bless America, but she stole the B from “Bless” (Accept it)
Now I’m too fucked up to dance
So I’ma sit with my hand down the front of my pants
You can’t achieve your goals if you don’t take that chance
So go pry open that trunk and get those amps (You know!) Citeste tot

Atmosphere – Shoes

Versuri Atmosphere – Shoes lyrics.

Would you prefer if I remove… MY… UHH?
Nah they.. they clean..
I mean.. what?
You wanna look at the bottom of…?

My shoes are clean girl, how about yours?
Here we are sitting on your living room floor
Listening to some records from your collection
Boredom; in between a coma and an erection
Staring at the skin on your shoulder blades
And you don’t take your eyes off my poker face
I’m wasted, and your as sober as Jehovah
Knocking door to door, trying to walk to road
That the Mormon’s paved
If she was here on your sofa with a beer on a coaster
She’d of told ‘ya that my game was way over played
Make no mistake
I love the way you taste like yogurt and some clover cigarettes
Girl show me leg!
So I’ma gonna trade these shoes for rollerskates
And I’ma stay happy just as long as there is a whore to pay
But some of us already spent the rent
So we can’t be content until there isn’t no more today Citeste tot

Atmosphere – Lift her pull her

Versuri Atmosphere – Lift her pull her lyrics.

You don’t know me
You just left me
You don’t know me
You just left me
You don’t know me
You just left me
You don’t know me
You just left me

And he was a man
Or so he thought
Paid attention to the lessons that he taught
Second hand me down blessing
She was short on patience
Carried person hated every day people
The plight of the pessimist
Habitual living daily schedule consisted of work
Television and sexual moments
But some times it gets so hope less
When non-sense raises an oct of thought blocks
With a firm grasp on the grudge they both clutched in the name of love
Fear of the results had push ever came to shove
Seduced for fun
Produce a a lot of fight
Two youths on the run
Learning some truth about life
And when he stares at the stars he reflects on the moon
The time the talks they share walking around calhoon
And when she watches the look on his face as he sleeps
She recalls every inch as to how it got this deep Citeste tot

Atmosphere – Gotta lotta walls

Versuri Atmosphere – Gotta lotta walls lyrics.

Dialed up his homie Murs on the telephone
Gotta talk to somebody who can tell him what the hell is wrong
Brain freezing up, he don’t know what to do
But the people that know him know that it ain’t nothing new
Catch five rings, then an answering machine
Hang up on the beep, stare up towards the ceiling
Stood up to remember that he slept fully-dressed
So he grabbed his keys and put a hat on his rat’s nest
Stepped up to that big outside
Somebody once said “Today’s a good day to die.”
But he never really was a big fan of their work
So he starts up the walk by kicking sand in the dirt
A friend to the strangers, a stranger to friends
He’ll take a coffee and a pack of cigarettes when you have a minute
Handle it. Paid up. The change, you can keep it
He’s a sucker for the morning smile and summer cleavage
If you knew him better he’d ask for some time
Cuz he’s looking for a reservoire to empty his mind
And there’s only so much he can put in a song
Gotta talk to somebody who can tell him what the hell is wrong Citeste tot

Atmosphere – Good times

Versuri Atmosphere – Good times lyrics.

This next one goes out
To all the depressed women in the house
Whether you’re taking the prozac the zanac or the paxil
Whatever the hell they put into that capsule
I want y’all to come up to the front of the stage
Grab me A shot of something along the way
Put A smile on the front of your head Citeste tot

Atmosphere – Bird sings why the caged i know

Versuri Atmosphere – Bird sings why the caged i know lyrics.

It’s the bird, it must have been the bird
Disgusting critter, it must
We should have known better then to trust
This disease infested ball of lust and carnage
Piece of garbage with wings and she has the guts to sing
Get the bird, catch her shoot her, I dont care
Get the bird, bring her down to the ground from out the air
Gotta tear her apart, let me at her first
Sink her to the level of the rest of us that inherit the earth Citeste tot

Atmosphere – Always coming back home to you

Versuri Atmosphere – Always coming back home to you lyrics.

To all my killers and my hundred dollar billers
To emo kids that got too many feelings

He held the register open while he counted her change
I was next in line which meant I was invisible
From where I stood I could see that the till was full
He didn’t look the type to play superhero
So I stepped forth and paid for my cigarettes
Crept out the stores front door to chase a little breath
Fangles in my head, shake the song off
Another manic Monday night, its gonna be a long walk Citeste tot