Blondie – Angels on the balcony

Versuri Blondie – Angels on the balcony lyrics.

Afterglow in a distant row
The door is open and the lights are cold
The children come in here and they dare the ghost
Like a fire burning in a stone
Silent light in the theatre’s sky
Phantom cigarette and a silent cry
The door swings open and it’s cold outside
Run and hide, run and hide
Ah, ah Citeste tot

Blondie – Accidents never happen

Versuri Blondie – Accidents never happen lyrics.

No I don’t believe in luck
No I don’t believe in circumstance no more
Accidents never happen in a perfect world
So I won’t believe in luck
I saw you walking in the dark
So I slipped behind your footsteps for a while
Caught you turning round the block
Fancy meeting in a smaller world, after all Citeste tot