Bomfunk Mcs – Something Going On

Versuri Bomfunk Mcs – Something Going On lyrics.

Crack it
We will crack it (2x)

Speed of light – ooh
Running right – aah
the way we strike
surprise, surprise
the glorious knigths
shining so bright
ooh – we all came for
to see the true battle
the rumble and the rattle
the challenge that will
drop you off the saddle
now, hold on tight
here we go – can you handle Citeste tot

Bomfunk Mcs – Sky’s The Limit

Versuri Bomfunk Mcs – Sky’s The Limit lyrics.

Sky’s the limit and you know that you keep on,
Just keep on pressing on (? )

Radical ones, jump over the eye
To tell me about my roots and talking you behind
They’ll wanna call new testers each and every time
But you stand on the edge
It’s my favourite waste of time
Create something new hypocrites must get back
Cause what we come together it’s atomic attack
So let it be known for each and everyone
Sky’s the limit, and we’ve only just begun Citeste tot

Bomfunk Mcs – Put Your Hands Up

Versuri Bomfunk Mcs – Put Your Hands Up lyrics.

Put your hands up (x4)

I feel the speed comin’
I’m quite spectacular
Suckers get scared like my name was Dracula
Think you want to win _____________
And women smiling
____________ and tell you
____________ from Radio Mafia
Nuff respect to ________
It’s about the time you can live without your mama, go! Citeste tot

Bomfunk Mcs – Live Your Life

Versuri Bomfunk Mcs – Live Your Life lyrics.

You gotta live your life
You gotta learn to live

Life can kill you, it’s written on you
But who is writin – strucked by lightning
Pop – you gone changed, who planned it
What planet? I taught I had it, damn it
Amazing craze lost in a speedchase
My mind is a blur, foxy ladies fake like the fur
Words occure, reporters need more germs for terms
To sell well and excellence is just an expense
For what it’s worth, it makes no sense
Living a lie under magnifing lense
It gets intense, so you promise yourself
Not to hate it but fade it – cos it really could be devastated
Revalueated, it’s a game and you play it
You can say what you will but it always will be speculated
Turned around so the truths not found
Instead of your story – it’s a new compound Citeste tot

Bomfunk Mcs – Ladies & Fellas

Versuri Bomfunk Mcs – Ladies & Fellas lyrics.

Ladies & Fellas

Beat it God damn

Been round the way
Hmmm like a gypsy
Met many MC’s
Drunk lot of whisky
Never said no for a passing reefer
Cut down dirty to do the deeta deeta
And if you don’t know exactly what I mean-a
Then you have missed the world’s best party-a
Now I’m only teasing juggling about
Cause later tonight we gonna let it hang out
So ladies baby baby babies
If you’re feeling right
And you’re not uptight
Then let me invite you to 1055
That’s my room number, hypnotic lights
Anything can happens so come bring your friend
Get your backstage passes from the soundman
Grab something to drink enjoy the environment
And when the morning comes let’s play the innocent Citeste tot

Bomfunk Mcs – In Stereo

Versuri Bomfunk Mcs – In Stereo lyrics.

When I listen to my stereo,
All I hear is a funky flow
It really makes me loose control
Bomfunk mc’s in stereo, in stereo, in stereo

But how right?

Cannot hide it, can’t deny it
It’s so obvious you hope to hide it
Like a pilot you get a mic
Boombox blasting like a siren
Raw, you’re a mighty lion
Raw, when pumping the iron
Raw, one million strong
Raw, turn it up, come on!
But how right? Citeste tot

Bomfunk Mcs – Freestyler

Versuri Bomfunk Mcs – Freestyler lyrics.

Rock the microphone
Straight from the top of my dome
Rock the microphone
Carry on with the freestyler

I gotz to hmmm
To throw on and go on
You know i gotz to flow on
Selectors on ya radio, play us
Cos were friendly to ozone
But that’s not all so hold on
Tight as i rock the mic
Oh excuse me, pardon
As i syncronize with the analyzed
Upcoming vibes the session
Let there be a lesson, question
You carry protection but will your heart go on
Like celine dion karma chamelion Citeste tot