Bow Wow – Take Off Your Clothes

Versuri Bow Wow – Take Off Your Clothes lyrics.

I ain’t gonna front baby girl I’m quite manish
Anything you throw at me I bet that I can handle it
Bed Springs bouncing got that head board cracking
Knocking pictures off you wall guaranteed satisfaction
We can do it in the shower Bow goes for hours
Hit that spot make her scream my name louder
Heat it on up like an everlast punching bag
Got a tongue ring and she knows just what to do with that. Now. Citeste tot

Bow Wow – My Baby

Versuri Bow Wow – My Baby lyrics.

It was the summer of 2001/
All before the drama begun/
When we first met/
I seen you sitting out on your steps/
You was broke down crying a mess/
So i interferred/
I asked what’s the reason for tears/
I was wishing you could tell me your fears/
But i had to start with ya name/
Ya told me how ya man playin games/
So i said that it was time for a change/ And you just laughed/
But it looked like you aint laughed in a while/
I was glad i could give you a smile/
Then we both blushed/
But really girl it aint no rush/
I was thinkin that maybe we could discuss/
A future for us/
Cause homeboy just got you crushed/
You nedd to leave that clown in the dust/
I just wanna talk/
Im thinkin i can give you a call/
And we can pick it up/
Where we left off/
Ill holla tomorrow/ Citeste tot

Bow Wow – Let Me Hold You

Versuri Bow Wow – Let Me Hold You lyrics.

I been watching you for a minute
Come through here so sweet scented
In life girl you need me in it?
I’m determined to win it
I know what you need
I know what’s wrong
I know how to make it tight
Everything will be all right
If ya
I’ll Introduce you to my world
Introduce you to the better side of life that you aint been seeing girl
Ima show you where it’s at
And Ima show you how to get it
All you got do is be wit it and
Down like a real mans supposed to
I never would have approached you
If I aint have intentions on doing good
See da dude you wit is so fool
To me girl your so cool
And all I’m asking you to do is
Down like a best friend and two homies in a Gang
When you cry I wanna feel your pain
No Secrets, No Games
All Excitement, Nothing Plain
Keep you happy
That’s my aim
And all you gotta do girl is
LET ME HOLD YOU Citeste tot

Bow Wow – Kiss My Ass

Versuri Bow Wow – Kiss My Ass lyrics.

The ring nigga yea
It’s my shawty right there

She in that brand new mercades
I’m the president so that makes her my first lady
And I keep her fresh, her shoe game is crazy
And I could brawl out for a dog, that’s my baby
Fresh manicure and her nails got rinestones
Coke bottle shape with a caramel skin tone
And she be lovin when I’m blowin her back out
Pullin on her hair, I’m tryin not pull a track out
Jus like birds do you kno I go down south
Do the thing wit my tounge, you kno wat I’m talkin bout
Hood wit a little class, real cute wit alotta ass
Make a nigga spend all his cash, lets go Citeste tot

Bow Wow – I’m Going Crazy

Versuri Bow Wow – I’m Going Crazy lyrics.

Money got to me, look at what it made me
Me and JD on good terms as of latley
Got video hoes on the net tryna play me, said I married supahead shit yall must be crazy
These blogsites tryna get me caught up with my lady
Fell out with my bestfriend hommie got shady
Caught up in all kind of lies sick of all these rumors tryna please my damn fans but yall just wont let me do it
Talkin bout I robed young berg, got him for his chain knowin good damn well I wouldn’t do such a thing
Homie got the top five record I aint hating do ur thang, cuz when u doing good niggas always gonna hate
So much bullshit come witht his perfession
Why you worried bout me worry bout this damn recession
Ima keep gettin money stuntin, stuntin on you niggas
Everytime I spit a verse my account get bigger
Goin crazy, I’m goin crazy, man I’m lossing I’m lossing my mind, I’m goin crazy I’m goin crazy sombody help for I run outta time, I’m going crazy, I’m goin crazy, man I’m lossing, I’m lossing my mind JD I’m going crazy I’m going crazy sombody help for I run outta time
[Verse 2]
Said I rap like tip then I sound like wayne
Half of them in the street done swagga jacked t-pain
So go on with that writer shit, yea man I write my shit, nick nack patty wack my bone yea hop off of it
Stop asking me about my ex man I’m over it, she still talk to my mama they hang out but that’s they buisness
Always rep Coulumbus but my money in the south[bow never in the city man]see that’s what I’m talkin bout
Keep my name up out your mouth I’m tryna do me
On December 8th yo I’m tryna sell like C3
Tryna do rematch game tell me wat u think, 100k the first time shit lets seb it up to 3
Did a ring tone song I don’t care bout wat u thik
Dr. dre head phones on I can’t hear them haters think
Still so so deff lbdub up in here
Yea yea this my year Citeste tot

Bow Wow – I’ll Move On

Versuri Bow Wow – I’ll Move On lyrics.

Here I live by, knowing I don’t like what’s on the table
Looking at my life, doing what’s right because I’m able
Learning lessons, more protected, feeling greatful
I’ll move on
Here I live by, knowing I don’t like what’s on the table
Looking at my life, doing what’s right because I’m able
There’s no turning back, see yesterday’s gone (yeah,yeah,
Yeah yeah yeah) I’ll move on Citeste tot

Bow Wow – HoodStar

Versuri Bow Wow – HoodStar lyrics.

[Bow Wow]
Hey man this what da world been waitin on dawg
New beggining my nigga
[Bow Wow]
Prince of the rap game u know
Me bow weezie
The ambassador omarion
Dig that homeboy
U niggas ready

[Bow Wow]
I squeeze the life out of the game
So call me python
Nigga i transform when they turn da lights on
Mic on ice on yea gets my shine on
Mr. money aint a thing
Junior with omarion Citeste tot