Bon Jovi – Breathe

Versuri Bon Jovi – Breathe lyrics. I guess this time you’re really leaving I heard your suitcase say goodbye Well as my broken heart lies bleeding You say true love is suicide You say you’ve cried a thousand rivers And now you’re swimming for the shore You left me drowning in my tears And you … Continuă să citești Bon Jovi – Breathe

Blue – Breathe easy

Versuri Blue – Breathe easy lyrics.

Cruel to the eye
I see the way he makes you smile
Cruel to the eye
Watching him hold what used to be mine

Why did I lie
Why did I wander where to fly
Ooh why
Ooh why

And I………can’t breathe easy
I cant sleep at night
Until your by my side
No I……..can’t breathe easy
I cant dream you had another dream without you lying next to me
There’s no way Citeste tot