Jay Sean – Can’t Fall In Love

Versuri Jay Sean – Can’t Fall In Love. Artist : Jay Sean. Versuri – Lyrics : Can’t fall in love. I just can’t fall in love I’m lying in the wrong bed You got me thinking with the wrong head And I thought that the heart was supposed to be just for her and not … Continuă să citești Jay Sean – Can’t Fall In Love

Dan Balan – Despre tine cant [english]

Versuri Dan Balan – Despre tine cant [english lyrics].

Artist : Dan Balan.
Versuri : Despre tine cand [english lyrics].

It’s all, it’s empty, all the pain inside of me
And how much love and all, all for you
I don’t understand what I’m doing on this world
When you don’t want me close
You don’t dream me in the night
Like I dream you Citeste tot

Boyzone – Just Can’t Say Goodbye

Versuri Boyzone – Just Can’t Say Goodbye lyrics.

Here I’m standing like an open book
In front of you – my page is turning
Pick a chapter babe, and take a look
What do you see
Maybe now you’re learning
My heart’s breaking only you can stop
The pain I feel, I can’t give up
I ask the question that I need to know
(Won’t you) listen to me Citeste tot

Boyzone – I Can’t Stop Thinking About You

Versuri Boyzone – I Can’t Stop Thinking About You lyrics.

[Versul 1]
Three months since we said goodbye
We both know the reason why
It’s all about what’s right
That’s what you said
Now you come back to fill this room
And you show that you thought this through
Before we lose this life
There’s something I should tell you Citeste tot

Boyzone – Can’t Stop Me

Versuri Boyzone – Can’t Stop Me lyrics.

I just can’t imagine how it would be
To look in your eyes and feel misery
I can’t believe what I would say
If I moved for your hand and you moved it away
Oh, and I may have done wrong
Won’t you give some time
It won’t take long
It’s a yes-and-no game
All pain and no gain
You’re here in my life
It’s what I’m here for Citeste tot

Bow Wow – Can’t Get Tired Of Me

Versuri Bow Wow – Can’t Get Tired Of Me lyrics.

I know you tired of these lames
Running same ole’ game
About what they gon do for you
But girl I aint the same
You need a real Nigga like
Bowezzie in yo life
Type of Nigga that a splurg
Or give you anything you like
Get yo hair done, nails fixed
Boo, you got that
Bills late don’t stress get ’em paid like that
Girlfriends hate cause they aint got nothing else to do
While we din’in at the hottest spots reservations for 2
She enjoy a Nigga company
She can’t stop lovin me
Whispering in my ear freaky things she wanna do to me
I keep shawty secure make sure she ridin’ right
Lil’ mama got hella swag and her body super tight
She be telling me places like where she wanna go in life
Things she wanna persue, baby got her mind right
And that’s exactly why she rollin’ with B
And I’ma hold you down can you do the same for me
But in the mean time Citeste tot

Blu Cantrell – I can’t believe

Versuri Blu Cantrell – I can’t believe lyrics.

[VERSE 1:]
you’ve changed the way
That I love and the way
that I live my life
Like springtime now
every day that I wake
Aint the same
as it was before

I feel so safe,
here in your arms
There aint no place I’d rather be
Keep my heart right
here safe from harm
Don’t ever take your love
from me Citeste tot

Bob Dylan – Can’t Wait

Versuri Bob Dylan – Can’t Wait lyrics.

I can’t wait, wait for you to change your mind
It’s late, I’m tryin’ to walk the line
Well, it’s way past midnight
And there’s some people all around
Some on their way up, some on their way down
The air burns and I’m tryin’ to think straight
An’ I don’t know how much longer I can wait. Citeste tot