Amy Winehouse – Long Day

Versuri Amy Winehouse – Long Day lyrics. Artist : Amy Winehouse. Versuri | Lyrics : Long Day. Runnin’ down my batteries Layin’ me out to rest Knowin’ when that is Five hours I wake up and de-stress And I’m diggin’ myself into a hole And these days I just work I will when I have … Continuă să citești Amy Winehouse – Long Day

Boyzone – Loving Each Day

Versuri Boyzone – Loving Each Day lyrics.

We’re loving each day as if it’s the last
Dancing all night and havin’ a blast
Oh baby I need you here

Girl I’m on a mission
To cure my condition
Cos’ without your kissin’
My heart’s just a prison
I’m hoping and wishin’
That girl I’m forgiven
Say yeah Citeste tot

Boyzone – Judgement Day

Versuri Boyzone – Judgement Day lyrics.

Someday I know I’ll find my way to say
What makes the world a better place, you say
My mind is telling me to fight for my rights
I’ve learned my lesson done my time
Someone please just…

Save me
Help me please don’t break me, I pray
(I pray, I pray)
It’s crazy
My heart’s pounding, save me
On judgement day, my day Citeste tot

Boyzone – At The End Of A Perfect Day

Versuri Boyzone – At The End Of A Perfect Day lyrics.

It’s all in a perfect way
Just a part of the perfect way
And as long as the world goes around
I will pray as I lay me down
At the end of a perfect day
I wake to greet another morning
And feel the cold beneath my feet
I rise to hear my future calling
It’s calling to me Citeste tot

Bon Jovi – Wedding Day

Versuri Bon Jovi – Wedding Day lyrics.

Today youll pick up all the pieces
And get on with your life
All I can hope is that youre happy
cause today youre someone elses wife
Right now I wish that I could turn back
And beg the hands of time
For the days that I remember (oh baby)
The days when you were mine
And if I never said I love you
Its cause the words got in the way Citeste tot

Bon Jovi – Have A Nice Day

Versuri Bon Jovi – Have A Nice Day lyrics.

Why, you wanna tell me how to live my life?
Who, are you to tell me if it’s black or white?
Mama, can you hear me? Try to understand.
Is innocence the difference between a boy and a man.
My daddy lived the lie, it’s just the price that he paid.
Sacrificed his life, just slavin’ away. Citeste tot

Bon Jovi – Any Other Day

Versuri Bon Jovi – Any Other Day lyrics.

Alarm clock rings, 6:45,
Must have hit that snooze button least 3 times,
Wishing this morning was still last night,
On any other day, just might wanna die.

Traffics backed up 20 miles to the east,
Must have hit every damn red light on the street,
Weatherman says „It’s gonna rain for a week”
Hey, what can you do? Citeste tot