Vescan si Ligia – Dreams

Versuri Vescan si Ligia – Dreams lyrics. Artist : Vescan, Ligia. Versuri – Lyrics : Dreams. Ligia So let me sing about my life So let me sing about my world Let me sing about my dreams Let me sing about my life So let me sing about my world Let me sing about my … Continuă să citești Vescan si Ligia – Dreams

Edward Maya – My Dreams Miss You [versuri romana]

Versuri Edward Maya – My Dreams Miss You [versuri romana] lyrics.

ARTIST : Edward Maya.
VERSURI : My Dreams Miss You [versuri romana].

El viseaza despre tine acum.
Tu esti totul pentru el.
El stie ca vei pleca
Dar viseaza, viseaza pentru tine
Deoarece in interior ma iubesti asa, alaturi de tine Citeste tot

Bow Wow – Big Dreams

Versuri Bow Wow – Big Dreams lyrics.

I had a homie named Tony 16, 6’2
Headed to the NBA straight from High School
My nigga has his ball game on lock
But at the same time he was in love with the block
All the stuff that came wit it the drugs and the guns, the gangs the slang and all the funds
He just got a letter of detent from the Cavaliers saying how they love him and they wish he was there
He had it made like special-ed about to get the bread
But chose to do something dumb instead
Go to war with the crew on the other side of town
And was more ready and Tony got laided down
He ain’t even have a chance
Died before the ambulance even got to him
So many went through him
I hate to tell the story but that’s how it is
Growing up in the hood as a kid Citeste tot

Bonnie Tyler – Bad Dreams

Versuri Bonnie Tyler – Bad Dreams lyrics.

She was the black sheep of her family
She was a rebel – loved living free
She gave her loving – fast as the wind
She’d give it all – again and again
Sometimes mean – sometimes kind
The more she’d look – the less she’d find
She never knew what was right or wrong
Never knowing where her heart belonged Citeste tot