Boyzone – Loving Each Day

Versuri Boyzone – Loving Each Day lyrics. Yeah-Uh We’re loving each day as if it’s the last Dancing all night and havin’ a blast Oh baby I need you here Girl I’m on a mission To cure my condition Cos’ without your kissin’ My heart’s just a prison I’m hoping and wishin’ That girl I’m … Continuă să citești Boyzone – Loving Each Day

Bee Gees – Don’t give up on each other

Versuri Bee Gees – Don’t give up on each other lyrics.

You say it’s better to behave
just like I never met you
Why is it only I can cry
And you can say goodbye in a minute
Don’t you remember I was your friend
And you can just erase all those days
And those tender reflections we bear
We promised not to fall in love
But it was there and soon I was in it
Already I was more than your friend
It’s harder for me Citeste tot