Backstreet Boys – You’re an angel [french]

Versuri Backstreet Boys – You’re an angel [french] lyrics.

Tu es intelligente et si jolie
Pourquoi vouloir d?faire ta vie
Ne pense plus au mal
Ouvre grand ton fanal
Eclaire ton chemin
Et regarde droit devant
Tu es ma meilleure amie
Et tout cela n’est pas fini
Tout ce que je veux
C’est de t’aider un peu
Je ne comprends pas
Pourquoi tu veux faire ?a
Car la vie est si belle
Alors sois-y fid?le Citeste tot

Backstreet Boys – You are

Versuri Backstreet Boys – You are lyrics.

Beautiful you are
Compassionate is she
You have made what I am
She’s all I hope to be
The world, it lies in you
fulfilling all my dreams
She is my dream come true
And in just two words, my destiny
Cause you are everything
My heart could ever imagine
You are Citeste tot

Backstreet Boys – Yes i will

Versuri Backstreet Boys – Yes i will lyrics.

I open my eyes, I see your face
I cannot hide, I can?t erase
The way you make me feel inside
You complete me girl, that?s why
Something about you makes me feel
Baby, my heart want to reveal
I?m down on my knees, I?m asking you
Say these three words I wanna hear from you Citeste tot

Backstreet Boys – Why you keep on calling me

Versuri Backstreet Boys – Why you keep on calling me lyrics.

Why you keep on callin’ me
When you know we’ll never be
‘Cause you got someone on the side

(Instrumental break)

I said hey girl
Did you hear me?
I said hey girl
Why are you callin’ now?
Arent you with him now?
Don’t try to play me for a fool
I could never be your fool gonna find someone who really wants me Citeste tot

Backstreet Boys – Who do you love

Versuri Backstreet Boys – Who do you love lyrics.

I know he’s driving…a fancy car
When you’re with him you’re feeling like a star
But when I’m at home alone…I think only of you
So, what do you know? How does it go?
So, how can he buy a love that’s…not for sale?
If you two were so in love I couldn’t tell…baby
Girl, but when I’m at home alone I hear your heart, it spells
You gotta know… and how does it go? Citeste tot

Backstreet Boys – Where can we go from here

Versuri Backstreet Boys – Where can we go from here lyrics.

I try to pic the pieces up
I cant think of starting over
we used to share the stars above
I don wanna think of change
and now I gotta move on
I?ve gotta catch up to the world
even though i gave you my life
As wrong, as its sems, I know its right
but is there a place that I can go away
to scape the love that I will for ever know Citeste tot

Backstreet Boys – What makes you different [beautiful]

Versuri Backstreet Boys – What makes you different lyrics.

You don’t run with the crowd
You go your own way
You don’t play after dark
You light up my day
Got your own kind of style
That sets you apart
Baby, that’s why you captured my heart Citeste tot

Backstreet Boys – Weird world

Versuri Backstreet Boys – Weird world lyrics.

Weird world, weird world
Hey hey hey

The sun is over the city but it’s an orange day
There is reason for looking up but I’m feeling down
You see I’ve got to catch a plane, won’t buy a ticket
Cause it’s hard to stop when you’re spinning around Citeste tot

Backstreet Boys – Unmistakable [romana]

Versuri Backstreet Boys – Unmistakable [romana] lyrics.

Oricand, oriunde, in orice loc
Poti fi oricine azi…
Poate te-as recunoaste intr-o strada aglomerata
Poate ma vei lua prin surprindere
Vei fi cea pe care o am in minte?

Va veni o zi
Cand vei iesi din visele mele
Fata in fata
Ca si cum mi-as imagina
Iubito cum pot fi sigur
Ca tu esti cea pe care o astept
Vei fi de neconfundat? Citeste tot