Bonnie Tyler – Forget Her

Versuri Bonnie Tyler – Forget Her lyrics. My friend you’re worn out and aching now Your life stretched tight and breaking now And you seem to find that every morning’s Like a mountain you must climb Forget her, shake her free Like a leaf from a tree, you must let her go It’s hard I … Continuă să citești Bonnie Tyler – Forget Her

Blondie – Forgive & Forget

Versuri Blondie – Forgive & Forget lyrics.

In the beginning, in the days before time, the light was alive with the essense of power.
And from that power were born beings who lived on the edge of eternity.
And they spread their wings and soared through the ancient air.
And the beating of their wings made the winds.
And from the winds came the seas.
And from the sea came the life of the earth. Citeste tot