Inna – Put Your Hands Up

Versuri Inna – Put Your Hands Up.

Artist : Inna.
Versuri – Lyrics : Put your hands up.
Album : I am the club rocker 2011

Put your hand…
Put your hand…

True love never dies
I’m falling when time is passing
The world is pulling too fast
Love thing is made to last
Don’t stop now and keep on trying
Live like nothing last too long
Don’t give it up Citeste tot

Bomfunk Mcs – Put Your Hands Up

Versuri Bomfunk Mcs – Put Your Hands Up lyrics.

Put your hands up (x4)

I feel the speed comin’
I’m quite spectacular
Suckers get scared like my name was Dracula
Think you want to win _____________
And women smiling
____________ and tell you
____________ from Radio Mafia
Nuff respect to ________
It’s about the time you can live without your mama, go! Citeste tot