Black Eyed Peas – Make Them Hear You

Versuri Black Eyed Peas – Make Them Hear You lyrics.

Uh huh
Uh huh
Check it

I got something that I really want to say
It’s been on my mind and it goes this way
Concerns about society
And while I have a chance imma say it (hey)
We got
Teachers teachin’ crap to the kids
Equivalent to selling crack to the kids
That’s why the world’s so addicted to fear, monkey business Citeste tot

Beastie Boys – Alright Hear

Versuri Beastie Boys – Alright Hear lyrics.

Because I Grab The Microphone And I Pick It Up
And Then I Fuck It Up And Then I Turn It In
And Then I Turn It Out, Got The Body Rockin’ Sound
And Then You Know I’m Gonna Get Down And
Eat A Scooby Snack And Take Disco Nap
Because I’m Shopping At Sears, ‘Cause I Don’t Buy At The Gap
Sending This One Out To All The Funky Inspirations
Pretty Purdie On The Drums With The Beat Relations
Well, I’m Working On Rhymes, They’re Coming Line By Line
Trying To Put What I Feel Into Word And Rhymes
I’ve Got A Feeling Coming On, I’ve Got To Make Some Shit
A Little Something Stupid, For The Twisted And Sick
Because I Drive Like A Maniac On The Streets
And I Don’t Give Fuck ‘Cause I’ve Got The Beats
Got My Nuts Swingin’ From Left To Right And
Right To Left And I’m Death Defying Citeste tot