Billy Joel – My life

Versuri Billy Joel – My life lyrics.

Got a call from an old friend we used to be real close
said he couldnt go on the american way
closed the shop sold a house baught a ticket to the west coast
now he gives them a stand-up routine in LA

I dont need you to worry for me cos im alright
i dont want you to tell me its time to come home
I dont care what you say anymore this is my life
go ahead with your own life leave me alone Citeste tot

Billy Joel – Temptation

Versuri Billy Joel – Temptation lyrics.

It’s time for me to be on my way I know
I’ve got business to conduct and I’ve got places to go
But I can’t help looking at her sleeping instead
Another morning I’ll have trouble climbing out of this bed
Because – she’s such a temptation
It’s driving me crazy
And it’s my fascination that’s making me act this way
And I know what all of my friends say
They’re afraid that I’m losing my touch
But she’s such a temptation Citeste tot

Billy Joel – Turn around

Versuri Billy Joel – Turn around lyrics.

Oh, sweet lady,
Runnin’ like a stream
You don’t look back
Because you know hands are clean
You make believe
That the past was just a dream
You make believe the past was just a dream

Turn around
Turn around
And I will sing for you a song
I don’t know where you been
But you been gone too long Citeste tot