Inna – Ladies [versuri romana]

Versuri Inna – Ladies [versuri romana] lyrics. Artist: Inna. Versuri : Ladies [versuri romana]. Toate fetele, puteti sa ma auziti acum Ascultati cand va strig, doamnelor Nu trebuie sa aveti incredere intr-un barbat Care conduce un Mercedes Tu nu sti, baiete, cat de greu incerc Sa fiu doar aici fara tine,iubitule Intr-o zi ar trebui … Continuă să citești Inna – Ladies [versuri romana]

Inna – Ladies

Versuri Inna – Ladies lyrics.

Artist : Inna.
Versuri : Ladies.

All the girls, you hear me now Listen when I call you ladies You don`t have to trust a man That is driving a Mercedes You don`t know boy how hard I try Being just here not with you baby Someday you should tell me why Why you do this to me baby You don`t love me now You just hurt me now It`s over, it`s over I`m not looking back I`m not going back It`s over, it`s over

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Bomfunk Mcs – Ladies & Fellas

Versuri Bomfunk Mcs – Ladies & Fellas lyrics.

Ladies & Fellas

Beat it God damn

Been round the way
Hmmm like a gypsy
Met many MC’s
Drunk lot of whisky
Never said no for a passing reefer
Cut down dirty to do the deeta deeta
And if you don’t know exactly what I mean-a
Then you have missed the world’s best party-a
Now I’m only teasing juggling about
Cause later tonight we gonna let it hang out
So ladies baby baby babies
If you’re feeling right
And you’re not uptight
Then let me invite you to 1055
That’s my room number, hypnotic lights
Anything can happens so come bring your friend
Get your backstage passes from the soundman
Grab something to drink enjoy the environment
And when the morning comes let’s play the innocent Citeste tot

Beyonce – Single Ladies

Versuri Beyonce – Single Ladies lyrics.

All the single ladies(7x)

[Verse 1]
Now put your hands up
Up in the club, just broke up
I’m doing my own little thing
You decided to dip and now you wanna trip
Cuz another brother noticed me
I’m up on him, he up on me
Don’t pay him any attention
Done cried my tears, for three good years
Ya can’t be mad at me Citeste tot

Beastie Boys – Hey Ladies

Versuri Beastie Boys – Hey Ladies lyrics.

Hey ladies in the place I’m callin’ out to ya
There never was a city kid truer and bluer
There’s more to me than you’ll ever know
And I’ve got more hits than sadaharu oh
Ton thumb tom cushman or tom foolery
Date women on t.v. with the help of chuck woolery
Words are flowing out just like the grand canyon
And I’m always out looking for a female companion
I threw the lasso around the tallest one and dragged her to the crib
I took off her moccasins and put on my bib
I’m wheelin’ and dealin’ I make a little bit of stealing
I’ll bring you back to the place and your dress I’m peeling
Your body’s on time and your mind is appealing
Staring at the cracks up there upon the ceiling
Some such nonsense is the bass that I’m throwing
Talking to a girl telling her I’m all knowing
She’s talking to the kid to the who
I’m telling here every lie that you know that I never did
Me in the corner with a good looking daughter
I dropped my drawers and it was welcome back kotter
We were cutting up the rug she started cutting up the carpet
In my apartment I begged her please stop it
The gift of gab is the gift that I have
And that girl ain’t nothing but the blue plate crab
Special at woodman’s in essex mass
Educated no stupid yes
And when I say stupid I mean stupid fresh
I’m not james at 15 or chachi in charge
I’m adam and I’m adamant about living large
With the white sassoons and the looks that kill
Makin’ love in the back of my coupe de ville
I met a little cutie she was all hopped up on zootie
I liked the little cutie but I kicked her in the bootie
Cause I don’t kinda go for that messin’ around
You be listening to my records’ a number one sound
Step to the rhythm step step to the ride
I’ve got an open mind so why don’t you all get inside
Tune in tune on to my tune that’s live
Ladies flock like fish to my line Citeste tot