Boyzone – I’m Learning [Part Two]

Versuri Boyzone – I’m Learning [Part Two] lyrics. How is it now have you moved on And do you still think of me When I’m gone I think of you and I just wonder Where you are And what thoughts are racing through your mind Who are you holding now Oh I hope that you … Continuă să citești Boyzone – I’m Learning [Part Two]

Boyzone – I’m Learning [part One]

Versuri Boyzone – I’m Learning [part One] lyrics.

I never meant to hurt you baby.
I didn’t wanna cause you any pain.
But you never knew how I felt know honey.
And you know you didn’t even know why…

So I wanna put my heart in it’s place…
And I wanna be the person that you fell in love with. Citeste tot

Bon Jovi – Learning How To Fall

Versuri Bon Jovi – Learning How To Fall lyrics.

I was walking on a wire
Looking down, there was no net
Now, Im standing at your door
Me and my last cigarette

Yeah weve been through this before
Too late to cover up my tracks
Damn the fool who begs for more
Ill take my past and paint it black Citeste tot