Alexandra Stan – One Million (1.000.000)

Versuri Alexandra Stan – One Million (1.000.000) feat. Carlprit lyrics. Artist : Alexandra Stan, Carlprit. Versuri – lyrics : One million 1.000.000 An lansare : 2011 Carlprit: Yea yea Number one Alexandra stan That’s right yea..take it Hey hey you’re one in a million and my heart feeling love you’re so briliant Girl i’ve missed … Continuă să citești Alexandra Stan – One Million (1.000.000)

Backstreet Boys – One in a million

Versuri Backstreet Boys – One in a million lyrics.

Ooh, oh, oh
She wakes up with the sun
(The sun)
She throws on her clothes
(Her clothes)
Hoping her car will start
The second time around
The day has begun
The lines out the door
(The door)
Serving up fraps
Until she can’t take anymore Citeste tot