Bob Dylan – She’s Your Lover Now

Versuri Bob Dylan – She’s Your Lover Now lyrics.

The pawnbroker roared
Also, so, so did the landlord
The scene was so crazy, wasn’t it?
Both were so glad
To watch me destroy what I had
Pain sure brings out the best in people, doesn’t it?
Why didn’t you just leave me if you didn’t want to stay?
Why’d you have to treat me so bad?
Did it have to be that way?
Now you stand here expectin’ me to remember somethin’ you forgot to say
Yes, and you, I see you’re still with her, well
That’s fine ’cause she’s comin’ on so strange, can’t you tell?
Somebody had better explain
She’s got her iron chain
I’d do it, but I, I just can’t remember how
You talk to her
She’s your lover now. Citeste tot

Bless The Fall – Take me now

Versuri Bless The Fall – Take me now lyrics.

this conversation didn’t mean anything to you
this conversation
don’t mean a thing
this conversation…
did I mean anything to you?
did you even care?
this conversation
didn’t mean anything to you.
did you even….
this con….
did you even..
this conversation didn’t mean a…
it doesn’t even matter.
it didn’t matter to you and…
you don’t even care.
and you didn’t even change
take me now.
just take me now. Citeste tot

Billy Joel – Everybody loves you now

Versuri Billy Joel – Everybody loves you now lyrics.

Baby all the lights are turned on you
Now you’re in the center of the stage
Everything revolves on what you do
Ah, you are in your prime
You’ve come of age
You can always have your way somehow
‘Cause everybody loves you now Citeste tot

Danity Kane – Right now

Versuri Danity Kane – Right now lyrics.

[Intro – Aubrey]
Oh boy
Oh no no no, touch me like that
Ohh my god, baby, no, no, no, no, no

[Verse 1 – Aundrea]
Go slow, you just don’t know
What I’d do to you
If the situation was different
It’s beat and go (go)
We’d be on this floor, it’d be on for sure
It’s too bad that we can’t Citeste tot

Beyonce – Should Have (Now I Know)

Versuri Beyonce – Should Have (Now I Know) lyrics.

Your all alone
I did this
I got no one else to blame
You didn’t know
I was a risk
And it’s such a crying shame
How you gave me all of you and wanted nothing else from me
But to make some time for you but all I made you was lonely Citeste tot

Beyonce – I’m Alone Now

Versuri Beyonce – I’m Alone Now lyrics.

Verse One

It really hurts to say this yes it does
But after a while sweet love just aint enough
So many settle for less just because
Maybe I’m more in love with what it was
But what’s gets so confusing baby
You and me
It’s been so much confusion lately
You couldn’t see that you were losing me Citeste tot

Beastie Boys – Now Get Busy

Versuri Beastie Boys – Now Get Busy lyrics.

Whether in a penthouse or a cave dweller
I can tell you ’bout now I’m not a fortune teller
Grab a treat from Yosi my muffin seller
Got mad technique like Rudy Van Gelder
And yes I got a plan I’m a carry out it
Yes I’m pro-choice I’m a scream and shout it
Yes I love life and I try not to doubt it
Yes I’m gonna party ’cause I’m ’bout it ’bout it
When it rains I don’t use an umbrella
When I write rhymes, I use indeli-ble ink
That will make you think
Flowing like water that you love to drink Citeste tot