Matt Lange feat. Cristina Soto – The Other Shore

Versuri Matt Lange feat. Cristina Soto – The Other Shore. Artist : Matt Lange, Cristina Soto. Versuri – Lyrics : The other shore. I will Look to you, take me back The time that fled so hastily is finally waiting Somewhere between simple and complicated, woah.. you know the place Telling me to visit will … Continuă să citești Matt Lange feat. Cristina Soto – The Other Shore

Lorana – Take Me [To The Other Side]

Versuri Lorana – Take Me [To The Other Side].

Artist : Lorana.
Versuri – Lyrics : Take me [to the other side].

I wanna hear you say, uh
I wanna play
Come closer, touch my body!
Don’t wanna know your name,
Uh, take me away
Light up the flame inside me! Citeste tot

Bow Wow – Every Other

Versuri Bow Wow – Every Other lyrics.

Shawty Got Potential
Tell Me What The Issue
If don’t Call You Right Back I Aint Tryna Diss You
I Know You Like Me
I Know I Do Shit You don’t Like
Instead Of Left I don’t Know Why I can’t Treat Her Right
She Be Like Why We don’t Eat Out No More
Why We don’t Go Out No More
All These Spots Says I don’t Know
She Say I’m Just Like Every Other Nigga
Damn I Guess I’m Just Every Other Nigga Citeste tot

Bon Jovi – Any Other Day

Versuri Bon Jovi – Any Other Day lyrics.

Alarm clock rings, 6:45,
Must have hit that snooze button least 3 times,
Wishing this morning was still last night,
On any other day, just might wanna die.

Traffics backed up 20 miles to the east,
Must have hit every damn red light on the street,
Weatherman says “It’s gonna rain for a week”
Hey, what can you do? Citeste tot

Bee Gees – No other heart

Versuri Bee Gees – No other heart lyrics.

Clouds grew grey when you refused to stay,
The falling rain joined in with tears upon my chin.
I met you, it was a rendezvous,
No other heart, I knew could give me love so new.

Years soon came between you and I,
Time passed by, someone else caught your eye.
Heavens of clouds up above whizzing by,
I look around, you’re not to be found. Citeste tot

Bee Gees – Don’t give up on each other

Versuri Bee Gees – Don’t give up on each other lyrics.

You say it’s better to behave
just like I never met you
Why is it only I can cry
And you can say goodbye in a minute
Don’t you remember I was your friend
And you can just erase all those days
And those tender reflections we bear
We promised not to fall in love
But it was there and soon I was in it
Already I was more than your friend
It’s harder for me Citeste tot