Bon Jovi – We Rule The Night

Versuri Bon Jovi – We Rule The Night lyrics. We walked through the sunshine, we walked through the rain As endless as time, the thoughts will remain We’ll take what we want, you take what you need We are the targets, you better believe No one can save you, there’s nothing to say Deception’s the … Continuă să citești Bon Jovi – We Rule The Night

Beastie Boys – 3 Minute Rule

Versuri Beastie Boys – 3 Minute Rule lyrics.

Stay up all night go to sleep watching dragnet
Never sleep alone because jimmy’s the magnet
I’m so rope they call me mr. roper
When the troubles arise I’m the cool coper
On the mic I score just like the yankees
Get over on ms. crabtree like my main man spankee
Excuse me young lady I don’t mean to trouble ya
But you’re looking mighty fine inside your b.m.w.
I got lucky I brought home a kitten
Before I got busy I slipped on the mitten
Can’t get better odds cause I’m a sure thing
Proud mary keeps on turning rolling like a ring ding
Jump the turnstile never pay the toll
Doo wa diddy bust with the pre-roll
Customs jails me over an herb seed
Don’t rat on your boy over some rat weed
I’m out of your back door and into another
Your boyfriend doesn’t know about me and your mother
Not perfect grammar always perfect timing
The mike stands for money and the d. is for diamonds Citeste tot