Bee Gees – Shine shine

Versuri Bee Gees – Shine shine lyrics.

I’ve never been sorry for the way I was raise
The enemy fewer
And the love that I made was a symbol of the times
A celebration of the wine
I made a memory in you
I’ll still be the reader of the letters you write
I’ll never be lonely for the rest of my life
There’s a corner in my heart
We can never be apart
No, we can never be apart Citeste tot

Bee Gees – And the sun will shine

Versuri Bee Gees – And the sun will shine lyrics.

And the rain will fall, it falls for you.
And the clouds will break into tears,
you should be here standing so near to me.

‘Cept I know you should be sad
But give me time alone to get it out of my mind.
Though say I know it’s only the weather.
‘Cause ev’ry time it rains you are gone.
And I’m blue.
Then I wake up, then I wake up. Citeste tot