Deepcentral – Speed of sound

Versuri Deepcentral – Speed of sound. Artist : Deepcentral. Versuri – Lyrics : Speed of sound. You’ve got my whole head spinning round I’ve never been hight off the ground I had you searching, now I’ve found We’re living at the speed of sound. Citeste tot

Bee Gees – Sound of love

Versuri Bee Gees – Sound of love lyrics.

See the children play the ball. See them play along the hall.
It makes me cry to see them smile.
I see the moon; I see the sky.
I see reflections in my eyes. And there’s no one to share my life.
I need a life to go my way.
So ev’ry night I pray.
Just give me someone for my life.
I feel a clown. People try to play me down .
And there’s one thing I never found .
The sound of love. Citeste tot