Nickelback – When We Stand Together

Versuri Nickelback – When We Stand Together. Artist : Nickelback. Versuri – Lyrics : When we stand together. One more depending on a prayer And we all look away People pretending everywhere It’s just another day There’s bullets flying through the air And they still carry on We watch it happen over there And then … Continuă să citești Nickelback – When We Stand Together

Bono – Running To Stand Still

Versuri Bono – Running To Stand Still lyrics.

And so she woke up
Woke up from where she was lyin’ still.
Said I gotta do something
About where we’re goin’.

Step on a steam train
Step out of the driving rain, maybe
Run from the darkness in the night.
Singing ah, ah la la la de day
Ah la la la de day. Citeste tot

Bob Marley – Stand Alone

Versuri Bob Marley – Stand Alone lyrics.

There you are, cryin’ again
But your loveliness won’t cover your shame
There you are, you’re takin’ true love
And while you’re takin’ true love, you given the blame

(How could I …) Could I be so wrong
To think that we could get along?
Days I wasted with you, child
If I count there’ll be a million or two
Now I stand alone through the memories
That haunts me, that haunt
Yeah, and I walk alone through the rhapsodies
That taunts me, that taunts me, me Citeste tot

Blue – Stand up

Versuri Blue – Stand up lyrics.

Ooh aah
Album three ya’ll
Ooh ahh
Ooh ahhOh I like what you do
Take the time out tonight
Let me hear you say ahh
And we can take it far
Gonna make you feel alright
Ohh same everyday
No fun no work and no play
Let me hear you say ahh
I know what you like
Take your time out tonight
I like it when you’re close to me
‘Cause you’re making the most of me
And shorty you inspire me
To be all the man I can be
‘Cause we roll like the sound of thunder
When it’s only you and me
And can nobody take us under
‘Cause the rest is history
So everybody stand up
If you work all day
Maybe you deserve a little time to play
Hands up
We’re gonna feel alright
Take the time off tonight Citeste tot