Brandi Carlile – The story

Versuri Brandi Carlile – The story. Artist : Brandi Carlile. Versuri – Lyrics : The Story. Aceasta melodie o canta Callie [Sara Ramirez] in Grey’s Anatomy. All of these lines across my face Tell you the story of who I am So many stories of where I’ve been And how I got to where I … Continuă să citești Brandi Carlile – The story

Bee Gees – Life story

Versuri Bee Gees – Life story lyrics.

Don’t want to stay here
Not very nice
You boiled me over
Now you’re cold as ice
From what you gave me
To what you made me
I should be homeward bound
Why am I hangin’ round knowing

You’re life story began with somebody else
Find your glory out there with somebody else
I’ll be where you find me
I’ll be somebody else
Somebody else Citeste tot