Bob Marley – Babylon System

Versuri Bob Marley – Babylon System lyrics. We refuse to be What you wanted us to be; We are what we are: That’s the way (way) it’s going to be. You don’t know! You can’t educate I For no equal opportunity: (Talkin’ ’bout my freedom) Talkin’ ’bout my freedom, People freedom (freedom) and liberty! Yeah, … Continuă să citești Bob Marley – Babylon System

Bee Gees – System of love

Versuri Bee Gees – System of love lyrics.

Now you don’t know what you have done
You made me what I thought I could never be
Out of the flames with my hands untied
No time to grieve for the loss
Hearts that come together for the first time
Sparks that fly around the room
Lets face it I’m
Dealing with something I don’t understand
But I’ll kill you if you stop too soon Citeste tot