Dark Matters Feat. Denise Rivera – Take Me Home

Versuri Dark Matters Feat. Denise Rivera – Take Me Home. Artist: Dark Matters, Denise Rivera. Versuri – lyrics : Take me home. I know where we’re going with this The signs are ever so clear This moment so perfect we witness we feel As we open our heart so we’re not siking in Citeste tot

Lorana – Take Me [To The Other Side]

Versuri Lorana – Take Me [To The Other Side].

Artist : Lorana.
Versuri – Lyrics : Take me [to the other side].

I wanna hear you say, uh
I wanna play
Come closer, touch my body!
Don’t wanna know your name,
Uh, take me away
Light up the flame inside me! Citeste tot

Adele – Take It All

Versuri Adele – Take It All lyrics.

Artist : Adele.
Versuri – Lyrics : Take it all.

Didn’t I give it all?
Tried my best
Gave you everything I had
Everything and no less
Didn’t I do it right
Did I let you down

Maybe you got too used to
By having me around
Still how can you walk away
From all my tears.
It’s gonna be an empty road
Without me right here Citeste tot

Brad Paisley – I’ll Take You Back

Versuri Brad Paisley – I’ll Take You Back lyrics.

When a freight train jumps off a track
And rolls down my road
And it’s summer time in Texas
And they’re playing in the snow
When politicians everywhere stop telling lies
And only state the facts
Right then, that’s when
I’ll take you back Citeste tot

Bow Wow – Take Off Your Clothes

Versuri Bow Wow – Take Off Your Clothes lyrics.

I ain’t gonna front baby girl I’m quite manish
Anything you throw at me I bet that I can handle it
Bed Springs bouncing got that head board cracking
Knocking pictures off you wall guaranteed satisfaction
We can do it in the shower Bow goes for hours
Hit that spot make her scream my name louder
Heat it on up like an everlast punching bag
Got a tongue ring and she knows just what to do with that. Now. Citeste tot

Bless The Fall – Take me now

Versuri Bless The Fall – Take me now lyrics.

this conversation didn’t mean anything to you
this conversation
don’t mean a thing
this conversation…
did I mean anything to you?
did you even care?
this conversation
didn’t mean anything to you.
did you even….
this con….
did you even..
this conversation didn’t mean a…
it doesn’t even matter.
it didn’t matter to you and…
you don’t even care.
and you didn’t even change
take me now.
just take me now. Citeste tot

Bitza feat Vanessa – Take me slow

Versuri Bitza feat Vanessa – Take me slow lyrics.

how do u know
there are lies da thingz i wanna say and show?..
if u never ever wanna let me go
take me slooow..
take me slooow..

Uneori as vrea sa daram intre noi zidul
e ciudat cat de greu se scurge timpul
daca as fi alergator ai fi linia mea de sosire
daca n-ai fi tu as alerga in nestire
spun direct , nu-s perfect , mor incet
fiindca fara tine nu mai am decat o gaura in piept
sa nu crezi ca mint , sa nu crezi ca joc vrun rol
imi e greu sa vad ca locul tau in pat e gol
fara sa vreau sunt un alt om
ai incetat de mult sa fi doar vocea dintr-un telefon
chiar daca imi torni cate odata otrava in ureche
nu mai sunt solo incep sa cred in suflete pereche
de vrei sa nu-mi dai niciodata drumu , ia-ma incet
si stergeti de pe a ta fata falsul zambet
nu mai zic nimic inchei aici ca doare
daca ar fi sa curga lacrimi sa curga ale tale Citeste tot

Berlin – Take my breath away [romana]

Versuri Berlin – Take my breath away [romana] lyrics.

Privind orice miscare
In jocul meu prostut de-a amorul
Pe oceanul asta fara margini
In sfarsit amorezi nu simt nici o rusine
Intorcandu-se si reintorcandu-se
La un loc secret inauntru
Privind cu incetinitorul
Ca si cum te-ai intoarce si ai spune Citeste tot

Amy Winehouse – Take the box

Versuri Amy Winehouse – Take the box lyrics.

Artist : Amy Winehouse.
Versuri – Lyrics : Take the box.

Your neighbours were screaming
I don’t have a key for downstairs, so I punched all the buzzers hoping you wouldn’t be there
So now my head’s hurting
You say I always get my own way
But you were in the shower when I got there, I’d have wanted to stay, but I got nothing to say Citeste tot