Jay Sean – YMCMB Heroes

Versuri Jay Sean – YMCMB Heroes. Artist : Jay Sean, Tyga, Busta Rhymes, Cory Gunz. Versuri – Lyrics : YMCMB Heroes. [Tyga] Ah.. ah.. life, life, I’m living my life, life Got a bitch with an ass so nice, Night time taking off your tights Have a G night, night, getting head on a flight … Continuă să citești Jay Sean – YMCMB Heroes

Jay Sean – Yalla Asia

Versuri Jay Sean – Yalla Asia.

Artist : Jay Sean, Karl Wolf, Radhika Vekaria.
Versuri – Lyrics : Yalla Asia.

[Jay Sean]
No matter what happens today
You can’t let nothing hold you down
And it’s not what they say
So be strong because your moment is now
Let the wind drift your dreams up to the sky
Cause the storm in the desert has arrived
No matter what we stand tall
Yalla Asia one and all Citeste tot

Jay Sean – Why Cry

Versuri Jay Sean – Why Cry.

Artist : Jay Sean.
Versuri – Lyrics : Why Cry.

No no n no no no
Oo oohh ohhh ohhh

I see a face in the mirror that I just don’t like
But I gotta keep tellin’ myself that its alright
Cuz now I’m older theres no sense in me crying cos’ mama said am not like you
Used to havin people say that I talk like him
Dipped my pace and ma step so I don’t walk like him
I don’t know what I found inside of me but its got me over you Citeste tot

Jay Sean – Walking Alone

Versuri Jay Sean – Walking Alone.

Autor : Jay Sean.
Versuri – Lyrics : Walking Alone.

I’m tired of trying to sail this
Troubled boat again
Trying hard to find a way
For though blows me all the same
And I’m tired of holding on
When there’s nothing more to gain
I’d rather stand here on the dock
And watch it all just sail away Citeste tot

Jay Sean – Still The Way Love Goes

Versuri Jay Sean Ft Thara – Still The Way Love Goes.

Autor : Jay Sean, Thara.
Versuri – Lyrics : Still The Way Love Goes.

[Jay Sean]
Pieces of our past, lay broken on the floor
Shattered just like glass, this love don’t make through anymore
Nothing left to say, we’ve run each other dry
There’s no one left to blame, is this the end for you and I? Citeste tot

Jay Sean – Like This, Like That

Versuri Jay Sean – Like This, Like That ft. Birdman.

Artist : Jay Sean, Birdman.
Versuri – Lyrics : Like this, Like that.

[Jay Sean:]
Hey lover, you’re fine
I’ve been looking for you all this time
You’re so designed
Like me girl you’re just my type
This club don’t close
Tell me baby where you think we’re gonna go
My home for sho
And I know you heard this before Citeste tot

Jay Sean – Hit The Lights

Versuri Jay Sean ft. Lil Wayne – Hit The Lights.

Artist : Jay Sean, Lil Wayne.
Versuri – Lyrics : Hit the lights.

[Jay Sean]
Hit the lights
Hit the lights
Hit the lights
Hit the lights

Baby hold it,
and let me holla at you baby for a moment
And if you with it, I’m with it, keep it rollin’
And we’ll be dancing and drinking until the morning
Until the morning Citeste tot

Jay Sean – Freeze Time

Versuri Jay Sean – Freeze Time.

Artist : Jay Sean.
Versuri – Lyrics : Freeze time.

Freeze time yeah
Freeze time
If I had my way I’d never stop falling for you (freeze time)
For you oh (freeze time)

Hold on
Hold on a little bit longer
For a minute
Cos this part
Right here
Is my favorite
Before we get into it
And I wish
Oh I wish
We could live in this moment together
If I could
Baby then I would
Put time in a bottle
For you Citeste tot

Jay Sean – 2012 [It Ain’t The End]

Jay Sean ft. Nicki Minaj – 2012 [It Ain’t The End]

Artist : Jay Sean, Nicki Minaj.
Versuri – Lyrics : 2012 [It Ain’t The End].

[Jay Sean]
Oh oh
It’s alright, Oh It’s alright
You know what they say
Life ain’t always easy everyday
we’re survivors
So forget the day
It’s all about tonight act a fool
and start a riot, a riot be rebel
Bottles poppin ‘til we can’t stand
We keep it rocking ‘til 6 am
New York to London over to Japan Citeste tot