Smiley – Dead Man Walking

Versuri Smiley – Dead Man Walking. Artist : Smiley. Versuri – lyrics : Dead man walking. An lansare : 2012. You killed me when you left me, Now you’re looking at a dead man walking. X2 Dead man walking Dead man walking Dead man walking Strofa 1: I said „no”, you said „yes, I will … Continuă să citești Smiley – Dead Man Walking

Catalin Josan – Walking On Fire

Versuri Catalin Josan – Walking On Fire.

Artist : Catalin Josan.
Versuri – lyrics : Walking on fire.

Baby, when you hold my hand
There’s something I don’t understand
It feels like all the world is crumbling down
And when you put your lips on mine
The moon is falling from the sky
Fireworks explode inside of me
So can you feel how I’m burning, baby
You’re so hot that you blown my mind Citeste tot

Jay Sean – Walking Alone

Versuri Jay Sean – Walking Alone.

Autor : Jay Sean.
Versuri – Lyrics : Walking Alone.

I’m tired of trying to sail this
Troubled boat again
Trying hard to find a way
For though blows me all the same
And I’m tired of holding on
When there’s nothing more to gain
I’d rather stand here on the dock
And watch it all just sail away Citeste tot

Boyzone – Keep On Walking

Versuri Boyzone – Keep On Walking lyrics.

Seems like I was always running
From someone or something
So scared what life could hold
Didn’t even want to know
Each day I would stand against it
Put up my defences
Wouldn’t let nobody inside
Then you walking in my life
Your love is all I know
Never let you go
Baby with you I choose my road
All my life
You’re the reason why
Baby with you I walk that road Citeste tot